Getting Started with Teno


Welcome to the documentation for Teno, a Discord bot designed to join, listen, and transcribe voice channels. This guide will take you through all its features and how you can use them to optimize your Discord meetings.

Joining and Leaving Voice Channels

Invite Teno to your voice channel using the /join command. Teno leaves the channel when you use the /leave command or when all participants have exited the channel. You can set Teno to automatically join a voice channel using /autojoin-on and /autojoin-off commands.

During the Meeting

In a meeting, Teno automatically creates a meeting message, providing information and control over the call. Use /mute and /unmute commands to control Teno’s transcription of your speech. The /remove-me command allows you to delete your lines from the transcript.

Questions and Responses

You can ask Teno about the current or last meeting you attended with the /ask command, and about past meetings with the /ask-past command. Teno’s responses are provided as ephemeral messages, which you can post in the text channel.

Meeting Transcripts

By default, meeting transcripts are locked. If you initiated the meeting, you can unlock the meeting with the /unlock command, allowing anyone to ask questions about the transcript. To reverse this, use the /lock command.

Voice Responder and Speaking Mode

Use /speech-on and /speech-off commands to toggle Teno’s speech. To prevent Teno from going to sleep, use the ‘never sleep’ button under the meeting message. You can create a persona for Teno using the /persona-on command, inputting a name and personality.

Tools and Channels

Use /sync-tool-channel, /sync-feed-channel, and /sync-user-response-channel commands to sync Teno’s voice responder with specific channels. This functionality allows Teno to use tools, relay updates, and respond to user queries based on the messages in these channels.

Interacting with Meetings through Teno’s Website

Log in to Teno’s website using your Discord account to access and interact with your past meetings. Each meeting is presented as a clickable title that opens a chat interface where you can discuss the specific meeting. You also have the option to delete records of any meetings you’ve attended directly on the website.